Social Design for Universal’s Fifty Shades of Grey

creative direction, social design, animation


In addition to profile graphics, I created a series of images for the Fifty Shades of Grey Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook theatrical accounts. The challenge was to create elegant, provocative yet restrained images that appealed to both hardcore fans of the book series and a brand new movie-going audience.


As the campaign transitioned to the home entertainment team, more of the film’s seductive style could be integrated into the marketing design.  I had the most fun playing with the color red, something tightly restricted to only the hashtag for the theatrical work.  I also expanded the content into animated GIFs with a series of atmospheric cinemagraphs.


Part of the home entertainment campaign included a refresh of the branding for Grey Enterprises used to promote the Grey Intern App.  I created a style guide and series of communications from Olivia, the interns’ in-app supervisor.